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Having had extensive experience with both Interactive and Mapping solutions, we noticed that, very often for technical and cost reasons those solutions weren’t easy to deploy, so they decided to develop MON LUMI using new software and hardware approaches and create a condensed, highly integrated solution fitting into lamps and easy to integrate everywhere.

et voilà ! 

LUMI Map is the mapping only version of the Mon LUMI product range.

It is a turnkey package coming as a lamp which; much more than just light, will provide a full blown video mapping on your tables.


The Small models are good for 2 / 3 persons tables.

The Medium models can handle up to 4 or 6 persons, desk projection.

The Large versions can be used on larger areas, 6 to 10 persons round tables, Floor projection, large desk projections.


Choose between two mapping options:


The simplest one is EASY MAP, the Plain projection mapping, in which a simple static or animated image is being projected on the surface beneath the lamp. In this case, regardless the shape of the surface or objects placed on the table or desk, the projection will always have the same shape and size.

It is a simple and cost efficient way of communicating with your audience.


The second 3D MAP is a real video mapping in which you’ll be able to play with the structure of the table, or map objects like plates, cups etc..

The visual effect is much more powerful and attractive.

The structure of the table is digitalized and then used to play around with the images.


Both versions, the basic “Easy Map” or the more advanced “3D Map” are very efficient and yet affordable animations for your venue.


Main applications cover:


  • Tables in Restaurants, Bars, and Hotel Lobbies
  • Store cash desks
  • Corporate Show Rooms
  • Museum maps
  • Shopping mall maps
  • Project presentation maps
  • Waiting areas, like in corporate lobbies, Banks, or at the doctor's office
  • Weddings, and private houses


FOR PRICES AND AVAILABILITY please contact us: contact@mon-lumi.com

LUMI MAP - Medium - Factory

Colour: dark grey
Mapping Type
  • Dimension:

    Medium Size:

    Diam: 38 cm
    Cable Length: 140 cm
    Chain Length: 110 cm

    Height of the shade: 42 cm

    Large Size

    Diam: 47 cm

    Cable Length: 165 cm

    Chain Length: 112 cm
    Height of the shade: 47 cm

    Shade Galvanized steel with lacquered paint, epoxy coating

    Chain: Galvanized Steel



    • Power : 110/220 V
    • Led video projector 1000 Lumens
    • Life time: 20 000h
    • Led bulb 4 watt white (colour available)
    • Lumi mapping software


    Approx. projection sizes:

    104x78cm at 100cm projection distance

    78 cm diameter at 100cm projection distance

    156x117cm at 150cm projection distance

    117 cm diameter at 150cm distance

    208x156cm at 200cm distance

    156cm diameter at 200cm distance

    260x195cm at 250cm distance

    195cm Diameter at 250cm distance

    312x234 cm at 300cm distance

    234 cm Diameter at 250cm distance