Lumi Services


Our products are very easy to install, as they come pre calibrated and work right away, but if you plan to do a roll out, or have specific constraints on your site, you may want us to give you a hand, and manage this for you.

This is the reason why we created  Mon LUMI ™ INSTALL which is a service package where you can select any of the following options:


Optionnal On site Installation

One or several technicians come and make the complete installation and custom configuration of your devices. Set back and relax, everything is being taken care of

Mon Lumi Aktiv Content Management

With Mon Lumi Aktiv, go to our content admin page and select the effects you'd like to use, upload the images you want to insert, and transfer the new effect into your lamp.

 That's it !

Mon Lumi 3DMAP

Content Management

With Mon Lumi Map, it goes the same way for the 3D Map, it is just the server which changes, and for Eco Map, it is even simplier as you just access the content folder and swap whatever elements you need.

Custom Content Managment or Creation

Custom Content management


Choose the frequency on which you want the contents to be changed, and the type of animations which suit you best. Send us the images or animated contents you'd like to play, define for each the number of locations and lamps which are concerned, and we'll do the rest !

Content Creation


You have no contents at all, no images to use, or simply don't want to handle any of this ?

No worries, we can take care of that as well, and create stunning contents, upload them onto your device and regularly change them to create constant attention on your venue.

Not fitting into any of this ?

if you have special needs ideas and wishes, just ask us and we’ll make Mon LUMI ™ exactly the way you need it !