Lumi aktiv

Interactive Table Mapping

Interactive MapPING  for all

LUMI Aktiv is the interactive version of the Mon LUMI ™ mapping package.

It is an interactive table projection pack offering the possibility to display an image on a table (restaurant, corporate lobby, home, wedding) but also to offer an interaction with the projected image.

People can interact with the displayed image, by simply moving their hands or heads in the projected area. This will produce a change in the image patterns or move objects, and thus provide surprise and pleasantly entertain the user, while triggering interest from the people around them and attracting even more attention to the area.

This adds a lot of fun to the experience and can be used both as decoration or entertainment.

Fun & easy

LUMI Aktiv comes in different sizes like Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) and even Stand (ST) or extra large (XL) to provide interactive animations on any size of table or desk, but also directly on floors, alleys, and dedicated Kids’ areas.


S, M and L versions are usually used on tables like in restaurants, bars, hotels, but also corporate lobbies, doctors’ waiting rooms or on desks (cash out desk, or corporate show rooms)


Contents can very easily be changed and uploaded from our Online platform where you can find dozens of templates and animations to create a constantly renewed impression. 

Lumi Aktiv Table