Lumi Select


...together !

LUMI SELECT  is a great step further towards total interactivity of the Mon LUMI ™ mapping package.

Digital technology doesn't necessarily mean people having their nose stuck on smartphone screens. 

We believe that Mon LUMI ™ is a great tool to re-create communication and fun in public places and still offer the use and advantages of information technology.

It is now possible to watch and comment rich media contents together while having a drink. Or to debate about a dress, a product, a joke or environmental policies and use On Line ressources viewable by all your friends facing the same projection...on the table !

Mon LUMI ™ SELECT offers the possibility to create a sense of collaboration and community in the real world and still accessing the stuff you like in the virtual one !

Stay as you are

...Mon LUMI ™ will adapt to the existing environment just fine !

With Mon LUMI ™ SELECT, through various tools like machine learning, we have trained our system to recognize objects and gestures to offer navigation possibilities on tables and counters without having to change, in anyway, the furniture itself.

We basically provide the services of a touch screen on a table and offer users the possibility to navigate through menus, select items, flip catalogue pages, and explore any other web based application that you can come up with !

Eveything is in the lamp, the sensors analyze and recognize the objetcs, shapes, up to the hands and movements of your visitors interacting with Mon LUMI ™ SELECT.


A whole new world of communication opens up with a lot less constraints than ever before.

You don't need to change your furniture for tactile devices, nor to power somehow your existing  tables, or worry about cleaning and water intrusions.

Guests in a restaurant will be able to select their meal in an attractive and animated visual menu, and the waiter will  be able to focus even more on the human contact.

Brands can present catalogues of items not always present in the store itself.

Corporations can rapidly inform waiting visitors about their activities,

and generally everyone will be able to generate and enhance human communication by offering access to all sorts of webbased information