Lumi concept

"à la carte"

You have specific needs ?


or want us to integrate Mon LUMI ™ into your own shades or environment ?

No problem at all !

Come up with your ideas and wishes, and we’ll make Mon LUMI ™ exactly where and how you need it

customize endlessly !

Great options as well !

Games for all

with Ultra Sound

and Beacon controls

Use the power of Ultra Sound and Beacons

Use the invisible and harmless power of beacon and Ultra Sound to create games (win a gift, or get a coupon)  or inform your visitors about your location just when people are detected in immediate vicinity of the LUMI Lamp

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Having had extensive experience with both Interactive and Mapping solutions, we noticed that, very often for technical and cost reasons those solutions weren’t easy to deploy, so they decided to develop MON LUMI using new software and hardware approaches and create a condensed, highly integrated solution fitting into lamps and easy to integrate everywhere.

et voilà !